Projects in partnership with employers

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks brings together the districts’ manufacturers and schools to inspire young people of the vast amount of opportunities in the sector.


The progress2work project will support unemployed or inactive people to move closer to the labour market using tried and tested, as well as non-traditional employability methods.

Bradford Employment Hub

Bradford Employment Hub is available for all unemployed people in Bradford to support them into learning or work.


Accelerate is a programme for young people aged 15 to 24 years old

Digital Insight Humber

Helping Hull residents improve their digital skills and get into work

Lone Parent Support Humber

Helping Lone Parents in Hull improve their digital skills and get into work


Take the first steps to a great new career. We set up our aspire2work programme to ensure that

Action towards Inclusion Lone Parent Mentor Scheme

Aspire-igen is pleased to be a delivery partner for the Action Towards Inclusion

Together we can make a ‘real’ difference

To find out more about us or to start your new journey into learning and work, please get in touch with us now using the form below or contact any of our locations directly.

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