NADINE will develop a range of tools and resources to help integrate migrants and refugees into employment whilst protecting their rights and personal data.


A partnership of 12 organisations from Greece, Italy, France, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain:

  • Learn and Go, France (Coordinator)
  • Intrasoft, Luxembourg
  • VVA Brussles, Belgium
  • ISON Psychometrica, Greece
  • Centre Studi Pluriversum SRL, Italy
  • JCP-C, France
  • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
  • University Rennes I, France
  • Odyssea A.M.K.E, Greece
  • CARITAS, Greece
  • CIB, Spain
  • Aspire-igen, UK


The aims of the project will be met by:

  • Ethically using open data and technology to develop a range of employability and integration services for migrants, which will automatically adapt to the specificities of each person, whilst protecting their personal data.
  • Creating services targeted at: migrants/refugees; local hosts; and policy makers and public administrations. This will enable matches to be made between migrants’/refugees’ skills and local needs as well as identify and recommend skills improvement training.
  • Positively influencing information handling for public administrators and allowing more efficient work

For more information please visit the project website or social media pages – TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Did you know? NADINE is our first HORIZON2020 project – the EU’s biggest research and innovation programme!

Together we can make a ‘real’ difference

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