The world today is a lot smaller place and so more and more people are starting to consider studying, working or living abroad. However, it is often difficult to find accurate and reliable advice on the global opportunities available.

This is where our subscription service Venture can help. The website offers information on the cost and practicalities of working or studying abroad, as well as detailed country guides to over 50 of the most popular international destinations.


A subscription to Venture means that schools, colleges and universities can offer their students the chance to live a life less ordinary by discovering adventures abroad.

The Department of Education’s statutory guidance for careers advice states that all schools must provide access to reliable web portals to help broaden students’ horizons. Venture is precisely such a resource. It raises students’ aspirations by encouraging them to think globally.

What’s more as a Venture subscriber you get direct access to our team of researchers. They are experts in this field and so you are able to get an informed, personalised response to any question.

Visit the venture website for more information.

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